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Our screen printing is all done in our local print shop.

We specialize in bulk custom orders.

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Our Screenprinting Process

Initial Process

Process of applying plastisol ink through a fine mesh screen, that was prepped for one color in a graphic design, by means of a photosensitive coating in areas the ink should not go through to the garment.

Each Color

Each color in a graphic design to be printed requires a screen, with each color applied separately, and flash cured after each coat of same color. Flash curing is a technique that ensures strong and durable prints on even dark colored materials.

More Colors

If more colors are desired in the final design, the process is repeated with additional screens, one for each color in the graphic. A design that requires 4 different colors would, therefore, require 4 different screens for the graphic. Flash curing after each color application, before removing the garment from the platen.


Once all ink colors in the graphic are applied, ink is still wet to the touch and must be fully cured. Each item is carefully removed from the platen and run through a high heat dryer on a conveyor belt to fully cure the ink on the garment.

4+ Colors

For graphics with more than 4 colors, gradients, or shading in colors, additional printing options are available.

Custom Matched

Ink colors available in a wide variety of colors, with ability to do custom matched colors as well.

Philosophy & Mission

Welcome to Printwear, where “Our business is…. Your Business, Your Style, Your Team!”

We take Pride is offering friendly service, quality products, and competive pricing. We strive to be your one stop shop for all things printing and embroiderly, now, and in the future.

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